Frequently Asked Questions

How long will asphalt last?

Asphalt laid on a solid foundation will last 15 to 20 years with normal maintenance.

Do I need to be home to get my driveway done?

No, we can do the work and pick up a check later or put it on credit card. Extra 2.5% interest will be applied for credit card users.

How long will it take to pave my driveway?

Most driveways are completed in one day.

How long should I stay off new asphalt?

Three days for a driveway or parking lots. Roads can be drove on as soon as asphalt is compacted.

When should I seal my new asphalt?

Asphalt can be sealed with oil based sealer immediately after it is finished, but you must wait 6 months to a year to seal with water based sealer.

What sealer is better for my asphalt?

Oil base is better for newer asphalt that has not been sealed with latex sealer before. Latex is better if your asphalt is older and has been sealed with latex sealer before. You may need to continue to use latex. We can look at your asphalt and tell you what product will work better for you. We offer both types.

How often should I seal my asphalt?

At least every 1.5 - 2 years depending on the surface.

Will you match competitors prices?

We will match any licensed company's written estimate.(within reason) must be present.

Do you give group discounts?

Yes, up to 25% off just talk to estimator.

My existing asphalt has a lot of cracks can it be resurfaced?

Yes, if it still has a solid foundation, but if there is soft areas we will have dig out and replace those areas and then resurface. In some cases it's better to dig out and repave completely. We can inspect it and tell you which would work better for you.

Is asphalt cheaper than concrete?

It is less than half the price.

Can I put salt on asphalt in the winter?

You can put salt on asphalt, but not on concrete. Salt will crack concrete while snow and ice melts quicker on asphalt than concrete.

How late in the year can I get my job done>?

We pave right up to Christmas, weather permitting. The asphalt plants shut down last week of Dec. and open first week of Jan weather permitting.

What happens if I have problem after job is done?

Just give us a call we will be happy to take care of it for you.

Is there any thing I need to do after the driveway is done?

Yes, asphalt takes 1-2 years to fully cure completely, during this time you need to try not to turn your wheels when your car is not moving this will put scuff marks in the pavement when the weather is warm. Check our asphalt care and maintenance section for more information.