Seal Coating

Your asphalt driveway represents a substantial investment. It's also the welcome mat to your home. A properly maintained driveway reflects your pride and commitment to maintaining an attractive home and property. It also makes economic sense to maintain your driveway. With a systematic program of pavement maintenance including crack filling and applying sealer every 1-3 years, your asphalt driveway can last over 25 years. Sealing your driveway with the proper sealer gives your driveway that "new appearance", enhancing curb appeal as well as property value.

What is a good driveway sealer?

Gilsonite, (oil based sealant) is a superior driveway dressing sealer is the safest product for your driveway. It’s made with Colorado Gilsonite – pure asphalt.

Most sealers are water based (which is a cold tar emulsion of water and clay) and will sit on the driveway and clog the pores. That will kill the driveway by choking it. It will crack in several areas and cause water to work its way in and settle and heave. If this happens, you will need to replace the entire driveway with new asphalt.

Gilsonite waterproofs the pavement and prevents frost penetration and upheavals. Seals cracks and helps eliminate erosion and tracking of loose particles.

Driveway Sealing Adds Value – An attractive pavement is an asset to your home.

Asphalt is made out of sand, stone and oil. After a few years of neglect the sun bleaches and dries out your asphalt driveway. By applying an asphalt Gilsonite oil based sealer, it seeps into the driveway and replenishes the entire thickness of your asphalt and is able to let the pores in your driveway breathe, it is highly recommended for a newly paved asphalt driveway to be sealed with Gilsonite sealer.

However larger and commercial driveways and parking lots might consider a waterbase sealant for many different reasons. Talk to your estimator at Metropolitan Paving and ask what sealant he recommends for your asphalt also see our Asphalt Care Page.